Who we are. Techies, enviros, and you? (Get in touch.)

Nerds for Nature is an all-volunteer group that brings together people with a passion for technology and the environment. We work to understand, protect, and explore the natural world.

Civic hacking has transformed the world of local government into a positively cool place to be. We aim to do the same for environmental organizations and agencies, starting in the Bay Area.

Environmental folks bring data, problems to solve, ideas, and deep investment in issues critical to our collective future. Tech and design mavens bring the vision and skills to turn data into story and problems into solutions.

We’re starting local — here at the center of environmentalism and technology — looking to both sides to ask critical questions: What environmental data is not being shared but should? How can opening up information help solve pressing environmental challenges? How can new solutions help people connect to nature in their own lives?

We’ll be organizing mixers where we can all meet each other and just get the creative process rolling. And we’ll be organizing some hands-dirty maker sessions — hackathons — and skillshare sessions, workshops, and more.

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Twitter: @nerds4nature

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